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Free Website Development Courses


Whether you’re learning for work or pleasure, web development is one of the most exciting areas of modern technology you can study. Finding the time and financial resources for a web development course can be daunting, however–especially if you’re already in full-time work. Fortunately, there are plenty of high-quality free courses available that will allow you to

develop this useful skill-set at a pace that’s right for you. All the organizations on this list let you start learning immediately — no waiting!




Codecademy offers a wide variety of great courses in everything from web design to programming. All their courses are broken down into easy stages and come with helpful tests and quizzes. Every stage offers a handy hint or two in case you get stuck, and if you’re still struggling there’s also a lively community forum where you can get expert advice. Codecademy is free, but if you upgrade to their premium service, you will get access to additional content.



Udemy is another popular choice for online study. Their remit is a little broader than Codecademy’s and the choice of courses is wider. Most of Udemy’s courses cost in the region of $200, but they also have a large collection of free courses covering most aspects of web development, from website design to online security.


MIT OpenCourseware


If you’re ready for the big leagues, how about a web development course from none other than the famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology? One of MIT’s free OpenCourseware courses may well be the perfect fit for you. The OpenCourseware program makes all of MIT’s course material available to anyone, anywhere, for free, including their extensive range of computing and internet-related material.




Udacity’s programs are conveniently grouped by theme, such as “I want to develop for mobile” or “I want to build websites.” While you will have to pay to enroll in their more advanced programs, their introductory programs are often free and provide a solid foundation if you want to take your studies further. 


Khan Academy


Khan Academy offers an enormous range of classes in many different subjects and levels. Unlike the other online schools on this list, Khan Academy also provides material for younger learners. It’s also a multilingual school, with a great deal of material in French, Spanish and other widely-spoken languages. Donations are encouraged, but all of the material is free for anyone to use. 


Enrolling in an online website development course is a great way to focus and direct your studies. The beauty of online programs is that you can study the material in your own time, rather than being forced to stick to a school schedule. Whether you just study for an hour or two a week or power through the entire course over your summer vacation, you’ll be able to work at your own pace and do as little or as much as you want. If you want to take your web development studies further once you’ve completed your first course, you’ll have plenty of options.