Email Marketing: Why Coupon Codes Are a Game Changer.

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3 Tips to Help You Improve Your Email Marketing Campaign

A strong email marketing campaign is a great way to attract and convert leads into paying customers. How do you ensure that your email marketing campaign stands out against those of your competitors?


Use Coupon Codes To Entice Readers:

Giving out coupon codes will give your readers added value, while still technically not costing you anything. If your audience is primarily website owners, then you can give out godaddy coupons┬áto save money on hosting and domains. Your audience will save money, and best of all it won’t cost you a thing!

Here are some things to consider:

Use Your Prospect’s Name


Your leads are not just numbers. They are people, with human feelings and the ability to see right through a sales pitch which isn’t truly genuine. The best way to begin a promotional email is to use the customer’s name in the first line. Something as simple as “Hi, Carol,” can give you an additional fraction of a second to grab your customer’s attention with something else in the email. Without having first taken this very important step, your conversion rate will suffer.

Timing is Key


Another way to improve your email marketing campaign is to ensure that you are sending off your email blasts at the right time. Experiment with different times. Some people like coming into work and finding offers in their email so they have plenty to sift through. Others prefer to receive emails toward mid afternoon when they’ve already accomplished the meat of their agenda. Optimal times will vary across different demographics.

Try sending off emails to half of your contact list in the morning and the other half in the afternoon. If you notice that your morning email blasts perform better than your afternoon email blasts, eliminate your afternoon emails and send out two blasts in the morning to see which time works best.


Segment your contact list based on how far along each lead is in the conversion funnel. You don’t want to hit cold leads with your closing call to action because it is not relevant to that stage of their browsing experience. Automated workflows are emails that you can set up to be sent to individuals who trigger them by performing some action on your website. Ideally, that action would be a clear indication of where they stand in the conversion funnel, and the email would be relevant to that particular group of people.

Ultimately, taking the time to benchmark the efficacy of your email marketing campaign will afford you better results. The more catered the sales experience is to each lead, the more money you are apt to make.